Welcome to the Inclusive Business Partners Network – an international network of partners committed to meeting global development needs through inclusive business. Join us to be able to connect with other like-minded partners, customers, suppliers and investors from around the world.

Our online launch of the IBPN shall be held in February 2023 where you will have the first of many opportunities to connect with our partners from around the world – join us by latest January 2023 in order to participate in the launch.


  • Partnering
  • Connect and collaborate with potential partners, customers, suppliers and investors at our quarterly online meetup.
  • Finance
  • Receive timely information on financing and investment opportunities through partners-only LinkedIn group.
  • Get your company or organisation promoted through our website, social media and our events.


EUR 300

(3 000 SEK)

  • Organisations with 0-2 employees
EUR 500

(5 000 SEK)

  • Organisations with 3-9 employees
EUR 1 000

(10 000 SEK)

  • Organisations with 10-49 employees
EUR 2 000

(20 000 SEK)

  • Organisations with more than 50 employees

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you into our extended family!

Lorah Njagi Holmstedt

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