Active Project

The Gothenburg-based business Juteborg, a long-standing collaborative partner of Inclusive Business Partners, is innovating a replacement for polypropylene granules, called JutePP. The use of these granules, containing the Bangladeshi-grown natural fibre jute, can reduce the use of virgin plastic and has the potential to replace plastic altogether.

Within the project, Juteborg and Razzaque Jute Industries will validate the business model as well as produce and sell JutePP at a commercial scale. Inclusive business Sweden and Jute Lab International will validate the Farmer to Factory (F2F) jute supply chain model which aims to connect jute farmers to value-chains while ensuring higher incomes to farmers who live on $1-2 dollars per day. The aim of the project is to reduce CO2 emissions, increase income for jute farmers and improve soil productivity.

For more information about the project, please contact Daniella Mendoza daniella.mendoza@inclusivebusiness.se.

Partners and Funders