Inclusive Business Agenda

Completed in 2015

The Inclusive Business Agenda, supported by the Swedish innovation agency VINNOVA, formulated a strategic research, innovation and action agenda for engaging Swedish organisations with the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP).

The Inclusive Business Agenda agenda proposed a vision for Swedish businesses to play a leading role in addressing the global challenges of poverty – by enhancing agricultural productivity, enabling access to energy, water, sanitation, healthcare and communications, improving environmental sustainability, and creating jobs both at home and abroad. This is all being done profitably.

At the heart of the agenda was the aim to map and match the needs of the BoP against Swedish strengths and potential for economic growth. Six sectors were identified to have particular potential: energy, healthcare, agriculture and forestry, water and sanitation, ICT, and textiles and clothing. The agenda recommended the implementation of a supportive framework for knowledge, innovation, networking and support.

You can download the full agenda here.

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Inclusive Business Agenda