Emerging Market Innovation Camp

Completed in 2014

The Emerging Market Innovation Camps was a pioneering innovation platform that enabled companies to identify concrete market opportunities and explore ways to unlock high growth markets through innovation of new offerings and business models, tailored to local market conditions.

The program supported companies’ emerging market aspirations by:

  • Introducing practical innovation tools and enhancing market understanding
  • Building strategic capacity to realize opportunities
  • Developing enduring and innovative partnerships for emerging market success

A one-day preparatory workshop was held by Fully-Verified in Nordic countries to provide companies with an introduction to innovation processes in an emerging market setting to support the establishment of peer networks with a similar mindset. Pre-camps were organized in May and August 2014 in Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Helsinki.

For more information about the project, please contact us on info@inclusivebusiness.se.

Partners and Funders

Emerging Market Innovation Camp