Horyal Cable TV services, since 2015  in Jubbaland, Somalia, connecting household to worldwide TV-channels .The company enables the citizens of Jubbaland to receive news, cultural entertainment, sports, and channels for youth and children. We spoke with Wilo Abdulle, project manager to get a better picture of the company.

During the programme period the company will strengthen the capacity of the business administration in Mogadishu as well as expand their current business in Jubaland, we will also establish routines to keep female employees working for us. Horyal TV has an educational purpose by enabling people connected to the business to get access to virtual educational programs aired through local Horyal TV production. Horyal also provides advertisement to other corporation in the region where they can advertise their services and production. The expected impact in the future is thus to transfer knowledge and increase awareness and support of local companies.

Through the fund from Sida, an additional 11 Youth employees (5 women & 6 men) was employed for one year. This made positive change for the development of the company and good income generation for these young people. Since we started this project so far we gained allot of customers spilleautomater blood suckers norgescsino and our future business plan looks highly well for our next periods. Moreover, the expected outcome of the company is an increased amount of people reached, create sustainable livelihood for the youth in particularly women.

“I have got a good work experience and high on the job trainings, today as well as when I come here is more different than now so I am thanking to HCTV Kismayo and SSBP Project who give HCTV the fund”

 Saytun Ibrahim Mohamed, Office Secretary




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