PTD Jelena doo was selected to be part of Sida’s C2C fund in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and received funding to implement the project Increasing energy efficiency, increasing product quality and inclusion of subcontractors in the procedures of grain storing and drying. The objective of the project was to create jobs, improve product quality to reach export standards, improve energy efficiency substituting fossil fuels for biomass, and inclusion of family farms in the company’s production system.

Marko Vlajsević, Director and owner of PTD Jelena doo, shared with us how the C2C project will impact the community beyond the Jelena project itself since “it is a good example for companies and the community, that planned, economic and socially responsible businesses are recognized and supported with funding, towards efficient sustainable and development oriented firms“. Together with the financial support, the C2C project is bringing “acknowledgment through recognition of the potential and strategic orientation of our company and for the social community a good example of the impact on the development of the business sector in order to sustain the development of the domestic economy“.

This project is highly innovative in the BiH context. It is the first time that ecological stoves are used in the country to dry grains. The stoves are powered with biomass made from biological waste collected from the farmers. The result of introducing this new technological process is two-fold. On one hand, reduction in the cost of drying grains by 50% which will be translated into a better price for the subcontractors. At the same time, it is expected that quality of the dried grain will increase due to the reduction in the percentage of broken grains by 12%.

Impact. The business concept of Jelena doo is based on the synergy between the company and the family farms. For example, the company has a revolving fund mechanism that provide farmers with pre-financing for sowing, education, technical support, etc. The company also guarantees the purchasing of grains to the farmers. By doing this Jelena doo wants to encourage and give an example of a successful and socially responsible business.

Currently, the C2C project is impacting 250 cooperative members (family agricultural farms). On top of that, 28 new agricultural family farms have been included through the joint use of certain technological elements procured with the grant of the C2C program.lån pengar direkt

“The effects of the Challenge to Change (C2C) project, which are in line with the strategic commitment of the company, will have a long-term impact on both the company’s business and the community“


– Marko Vlajsević, Director and owner of PTD Jelena doo




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