Riyan Organics is a cosmetic company that produces organic hair and skin products. Muna Megan told us her story and the fantastic acheivment so far. All the steps in the value chain are produced in the Somalia, everything from processing, packaging, distribution to selling. Riyan Organics started as a module 1 company in SSBP and established their business plan and started operations before entering module 2 phase of the programme. The business idea is based on positioning themselves in the local market first to then sell the products to regional and international markets. Muna is no ordinary businesswoman! She is a Woman, She is a Mother, She is a Wife, She is Swedish, She is African but most important of all she is a Visionary that wants to make a difference!

“I took trip back home to Somaliland in 2014, to visit my mother. It was then, that I discovered I wanted to do work that inspired me and would make a positive difference in the local community and across Africa. I wanted to use my skills and experiences which I gained in Sweden and apply them in Somalia. As an entrepreneur I wanted to start a new venture but one that would benefit locals especially Somali Woman. I have a mother that has spent most of her life being an advocate for women’s issues. She encouraged me and supported me to give up a stable job and start a new venture in Somaliland.I am extremely passionate about natural cosmetic products and so decided to work on my own range which would be 100% Natural, Organic and produced in an ethical manner. I found my ideal skin care range from the natural leaves found in Somalia. With the correct procedures and after much experimentation I found the perfect range which I named Riyan Organics, named after my daughter!

The product ranges are fantastic and exclusive, but that is not all! I have given the farmers good trading deals so that they can benefit from the profits of my range and as someone who is passionate about female empowerment, I have hired dozens of Somali Woman to help prepare the products that I sell to the world.”

Riyan organics targets women in vulnerable communities; a vast majority of farmers in this industry are women in vulnerable communities, Riyan Organics is keen on targeting them to provide better working conditions and sustainable livelihood. Currently Riyan has created 19 jobs, 13 for women. The aim is to continue contributing to the community by invest in projects aimed towards reducing poverty and empowering women.  Riyan Organics won business of the year at the London Somali Achievement Awards in 2018 and was invited to represent Somalia and Somaliland at the Women in Africa summit in Marrakech, Morocco 2018




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