is a company that buys animals from Nomads and farmers in the dry season and improves animals’ conditions with special nutrition and cares, to then sell them in the local market (local meat costumers) or for export. In 2017 had around 1500 animals in Somalia and have supported around 300 livestock farmers in this period. Livestock is the backbone of Somalia’s economy and about 70% of the populations in Somalia are dependent on livestock for their livelihoods because it provides food, employment and income.

The Company will use the SSBP fund to build a basic facility where they will take care of the animals, to build barns for feeding animals, a water tank, storage and to cover labor costs. This facility will be able to host around 4000 animals per year. is expected to provide sustainable livelihood to nomads and farmers and provide job opportunities to local communities, as well as other opportunities within the value chain. Transfer knowledge and innovation techniques to solve challenges faced in the sector, in particular during dry season by improving the efficiency of the whole livestock market in the country. The company intends to create a market that provides different options for nomads to be able to trade animals. goals are for livestock traders and nomads to be able to have sustainable livelihoods independent on climate change.

“With you can invest in farming from your smartphone and help us build farms in East Africa that provide reliable supply of milk and food “


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